Block Pattern – Old English Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring Quilt Block, Old English Wedding Ring Quilt Block, Yellow and Blue Quilt, Yellow Quilt, Blue QuiltWedding Ring Block Pattern

Alternate Name: Old English Wedding Ring

Block Size: 10 inches square

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Step One: Select two fabrics.

Step Two: Cut the fabric according to the diagram above.

Step Three: Sew the 16 3 inch squares together to create half-square triangles.  How to Make Half-Square Triangles.

Step Four: Seam the squares together referring to the diagram below.

Step Five: Sew the columns together in the order shown below.

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Umbrella Trimmings Footstool

Umbrella Prints Footstool, Patchwork Footstoolumbrella print footstool, quilted footstool, patchwork footstoolEllen from over at Fabric Field ran across the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition awhile back and surprised me with my own pack of Umbrella Prints TrimmingsUmbrella Prints is an Australian based company that hand prints all of there fabric. The fabric is 100% organic and the inks are as environmentally friendly as ink can be.  I love the prints I received in my trimming packet, but there wasn’t much in there. I had a lot of ideas for the Trimmings Competition but of course it became the top of a footstool

Updated: All of the Trimming Entries have been posted on Pintrest.

umbrella prints trimming competition 2012

Heading to Paducah

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I still need to get the lighting fixed because it isn't very good.

I am all packed and waiting for Susan Brown to pick me up and we are heading to Paducah for the AQS Show. I have been busy working on the studio and I am posting a little peek of what it looks like right now. . I had grand plans of building my own worktable, which was going to be amazing but cost a small fortune, so when I saw a ping pong table for $10 at a yard sale on Friday, I snatched it up. The poor guy had no idea what my grand plan was and he was going on about the fun I would have playing ping pong. I covered it with two layers of batting and muslin and now I have a fabulous work table.

The other side of the basement!

basement before, basement make-over, basement office beforeLast week  I spent cleaning the other side of the basement for the office area and screen printing bags for The Printed Bolt. Here is the other side of the basement before I cleaned it. This is where I will put my desk and office type stuff, for whatever reason this side of the basement feels much colder than the studio side. The second picture shows the wonderful built-in shelving on this side of the basement, which is going to work nice for fabric.  My dear friend Nancy Bavor from Quilt Worth is coming to town on Thursday to give a presentation on the Jean Ray Laury exhibition she curated at the IQSCM, so my goal is to have my office and studio in decent shape to show her.

basement makeover, basement before, basement office before

In addition to cleaning and screen printing, I saw this tutorial on pintrest to turn a tablecloth into a floorcloth and I thought it looked like a great idea, especially since I already had the polyurethane. Unfortunately, I am really disappointed in this project. The first problem was that the vintage tablecloth had a stain in the center that was only visible when wet, but with the polyurethane it has remained visible. The second problem is that it takes a ton of polyurethane to put on the first coat. I had over 3/4 of a 1 qt. can and thought that I would have enough to do the whole thing but I didn’t even get one layer on before I ran out, this was disappointing because I had selected to do this because I already had the polyurethane. Anyways, after seeing the price of poly at Ace ~$40 dollars for a gallon I almost scrapped the whole project but on our once every three month trip to Wal-Mart the price was $25 bucks for a gallon so I went ahead and am continuing.  Looking back, I would have been happier if I had quilted the tablecloth and use it as a quilted rug.

floorcloth, vintage floorcloth, vintage tablecloth,

Floorcloth after round one of poly.